This Fall I used my BMBH with a BA insulated aircore pad and a JRB Hudson River TQ.

During the night I would roll over and my side would touch the hammock material outside of the pad and below the TQ (Or I compressed the TQ against the side, not sure which). Either way, there was a definate cold spot along that line, enough to wake me if I moved to that postion in the night.

If you are able to stay centered on the pad through the night with minimal movement then a pad and TQ might work for you. I must move too much in my sleep.

When I used the Z-rest pad with a TQ and UQ it was heaven. The Z-rest pad was for structure and wasn't needed for warmth.

The extra ounces for z-rest pad are worth it to me; makes a nice cushion around camp and adds width to the BMBH.