Hi all,

First I wish to introduce my self as a Novice in the hammock world, the info and tips on here from you guys have been very helpful. I bought a HH Explorer deluxe a few months ago after seeing one from a UK company. I find it suits my needs very well. I have modified it but now looking to add a camo "tarp" ( I`m in the military world ).

Would prefer a camo hex tarp in anything thats close to the british DPM camo.

a couple of questions on this

1) Is there such a thing or anything close to?
2) Not really into "making one from scratch" like you guys ( I must say I am very impressed with the mods that you guys do to your hammocks )
3) "If" there is a camo hex tarp out there , will it still pack into the snake skins for the deluxe ( would like to be able to still pack away as before).

many thanks from an ex "ground pounder"

keith (first of foot)