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    Clark Camo NA on AT hike

    I hiked the southern 300 miles of the AT last year. I used my Clark Camo North American hammock w/ XL rainfly most nights, and found the setup straightforward, using Black Diamond Nutrino carabiners and dyneema whoopie slings, and tree huggers. I slept comfortably in 25 degree weather using an Exped Downmat 9 DLX and down bag.

    I did this hike to celebrate my 60th birthday, and will do the rest of my hiking on trips with my wife, so no longer need the equipment. It's only use was this one hike (one month), and is as-new. If anyone is interested, I will sell the hammock complete with extra hardware for $300 and the Downmat for $130.

    I'd post this on "for sale", but I don't have sufficient post numbers.


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    WoW man congratulations on hitting 60,
    and doing a month long hike.
    And welcome to the Forum . . .

    PS. That is one good reason that you need a # of postings . . . before selling, who knows you.

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    Sold Camo NA

    The hammock is sold. Thanks

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    Thank you very much! I'm the lucky fella in MI who snagged this up. Can't wait to put it to use up here!! Nordhouse is calling my name right now!

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