Hello hangers, I'm looking for some help, I got some material that looks like the 1.9 in the pic from this post.


I tried blowing very hard and any air getting by I think may be from a lack of seal with my lips. both look the same, some times I think one side looks a little shinier but I think i'm inagning that. I formed a bowl with it and put about three cups of water in it, and the next morning there was about a tablespoon of water that leaked through. So I guess its sil. what do ya'll think. Also , I'm gonna make a tarp and have a question. Assuming its sil I'll seal the seam the speer way and all will be good. But if it's dwr and my silicone peels proving that , then what can I use to seal dwr? Thanks for any help.

Happy hanging, Jeff Pugh.