Couldn't have asked for much better weather & people for a winter hammock hang!!!
There will be much more to come but a few basics are that every one did well. A few of us could have used better foot wear for standing around on packed snow, & a few slept a little on the cool side I believe, but most slept toasty warm.
My thermometer read a low of 7.7 Fri night (actually 6am Sat), but some had lower readings.

Some came early Thurs & hiked into Wise Shelter to spend a cold, windy night, but most of us arrived Fri.
A few arrived Sat.

There were several day hikes to be told about, & the GHSP Rangers were great folks. A pleasure to meet & talk to.

Everyone got off to a good start home, several stopped to eat at the Log House Restaurant.
The roads, even at higher elevations were in good condition, so hopefully everyone should be home soon.

Thanks again to all who took part! Looking forward to more stories, pictures & videos!!!

For any missing details, here is the planning thread...