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    Post Claytor Spreader Bars


    I just finished making a pair of spreader bars for my Claytor Jungle Hammock. I am posting here because the technique could apply to other hammocks (or other projects).

    I measured the full extension of the mosquito net tabs on the top of the Jungle Hammock to be 450mm. Initially I used a very long bamboo chopstick, but I really wanted something that would work but would pack up small (at least as small as my tent pegs).

    As you can see from the pictures, I have made a pair of collapsible spreaders. They are made from 8mm diameter aluminium tubing with 1mm wall thickness. For each spreader I cut three pieces 150mm long (6 pieces total). To make the joints I cut 4 pieces of 6mm diameter tubing (with 1mm wall thickness) 30mm long (8 pieces total). The 6mm tube is a snug fit inside the 8mm tube.

    I filed and smoothed the inside and outside of the ends of each piece so that they wouldn't cut anything or cause great wear, then I used epoxy to glue the small pieces into the ends of the bigger tubes. Two pieces stick out of the ends by 15mm each. The other two pieces are pushed inside by 6mm.

    When the epoxy was cured I trimmed the excess and threaded 2.5mm elastic cord through the middle and tied a knot at each end. The 'inside' pieces prevent the knot from going through, and the knot sits in the 6mm recess. (The first photos show reflective elastic cord, but I changed that for plain black elastic cord).

    So, when folded, the spreader bars are shorter than the tent pegs I have, and fit nicely in the small bag that is included with the Jungle Hammock. When you take them out the elastic makes them snap together into a 450mm long 8mm diameter spreader bar. Together they weigh 62g (31g each). My tent pegs weigh 24g (12g each).

    Obviously you can make different lengths or different numbers of sections. Hope it is interesting/useful to some.

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