The temp was forecasted to drop to around 20 here Saturday night. I hung my HH Hyperlite sans tarp Saturday afternoon. I used an early version of the MM IX UQ (two layers and heater tubes but no covering. I inserted a layer of the thin foam that new TV's are wrapped in between the IX layers. I added my JRB No Sniveler below the IX and a space blanket between the hammock and the IX UQ. I used only my Go Lite Ulta 20 inside. I wore mid-weight fleece top and bottoms, fleece socks, Arrowhead down socks, fleece balaclava and a watch cap. I made a temp hammock top cover from a Dry Ducks poncho. I had my down jacket, JRB down hood and gloves standing by but never needed them.

I turned in at 11:30 pm with the temp around 28 outside. I was nice and toasty and fell asleep easily. I woke briefly at 3:30 but was still nice and warm and went straight back to sleep. Mother nature finally woke be again around 6:00 am. I put on my glasses and checked the little thermometer I had hanging on the ridge line. It read 36. I could not believe it. I rolled out and went inside to get the local weather. They reported our low as 23. I left the thermometer outside and at 7:00 it read 25. Could a top cover keep that much warm air trapped inside the hammock? I had no tarp but there was no wind. This is making me think about a hammock sock.