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    We had our Winter Camporee with the Scouts this last weekend. My troop hosted the event. There were about 100 scouts and 50 adults, so it was a great turnout. We ended up making snowshoes, pulks, covered snow trenches, quinzees, igloos, and greenhouse shelters for activities.

    I was the only hammock camper this trip. Weather was decent as it hit 25*F on Friday and 8*F on Saturday night. The wind was blowing terribly on Friday night with reported gusts up to 61 MPH. We had forecasts of snow, but we hadn’t expected that much wind so I had used a minimum number of stakes on my tarp. The wind was pushing the tarp to the point it was pushing my hammock giving me a nice swing.

    So after half of my tarp had pulled stakes and come loose, I was up about 1:30 in the morning to finish securing up my tarp. Did a real hack job at that point, but it held the rest of the night. I ended up staking it down really well during the day Saturday, but we didn’t have much wind that night.

    It was a great weekend. I still came home completely exhausted.

    Here are pictures of my hammock with tarp secured, my troops tents, building snowshoes, building pulks, forming an igloo, and in front of a greenhouse shelter.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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