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    Pea Pod for BMBH ?

    [shout out] BillyBob hope you will have an answer for me [/ shout out]

    I would like to try to rig a peapod for my BMBH as a test to see if I like that strategy for cold weather.

    I have:
    MARMOT mummy 15*F down bag
    BIG AGNES semi-mummy 15*F syn bag
    JRB Hudson River quilt
    Old Rag Mountain quilt

    Nesting the two bags and using both quilts as UQs has worked very well with the exception of the efforts it takes to get into two sleepings bags while in the hammock.

    Would the peapod need to encircle the hammock at the o-ring at the top of the web triangles?

    Would the ends need to be insulated?

    Would I need to hang "peapod support ridgeline"?

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    Love my JRB BMB

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