So, after the DIY bug bit, I have managed to make two sewn poncho liner underquilts, with a layer of 5 oz Primaloft Sport sandwiched inside. Initial testing has shown that they are good (at least for me and my wife) down to 30* or so.

Here is my issue. The first UQ was made using 550 paracord for the suspension. It tends to keep the UQ pretty tight along the bottom. In order to avoid compressing the primaloft, the second one was made with 550 cord and a length of shock cord. I now have the right amount of tension along the length of the underquilt, but from about mid-thigh to mid-calf, there is a definite gap between the hammock and the quilt. Any ideas on how to tension that area up just a bit, without resorting to something actually wrapping around the top of the hammock?

Open to any and all ideas. Thanks.