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    Chet's Tarp - Just Jeffs site

    I have been trying to follow up on the thread in this forum on Youngbloods tarptent. I know several others are interested on specs to make one.

    On Just Jeff's site, right below Youngbloods tarptent setup is a variation using less guy outs listed simply as Chet's storm setup. So I have two questions...

    Could anyone tell me the dimensions of the "Chets setup" tarp?
    Is the tarp depicted simply a 12x12 Neo tarp/ Gear guide? If not, would a NEO 12x12 work more or less the same?
    Also what I am thinking of is actually a mod to the JRB 8x8 tarp.
    I was thinking of integrating a silny triangle at the head end of the tarp, with some kind of lacing perhaps to attach. And then another triangle with an omni-tape door opening at the foot end. What I was thinking was that you could basically achieve a removeable "Chets storm setup" style tarp from the JRB.

    Thoughts anyone on how I might go about this?
    I have very little sewing ability.

    Maybe I could get the Jacks of JRB to just custom make me a new tarp. nudge nudge, wink wink. New tarp models would be a great addition to the JRB lineup. I would be first in line to purchase one for sure. Love the standard model.

    p.s. REALLY hope I am getting a weathershield and Old Rag Mtn for christmas
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