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Thread: Needles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramblinrev View Post

    The size of the needle is particularly important when using sharps. Too small a needle for the density and thickness of the fabric will lead to dulling the point very quickly.
    There is a crash course in needles. At this point in time, brand is probably of less importance than matching the right style needle to the project.
    What size should we be using on 1.1 and 1.9 ripstop?
    I think my needle "might" need replacing, made a popping noise when "injecting" my last project, a poly covered fleece and IX top-quilt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by exdiver View Post
    What size should we be using on 1.1 and 1.9 ripstop?
    I think my needle "might" need replacing, made a popping noise when "injecting" my last project, a poly covered fleece and IX top-quilt.
    Ultimately there is no absolute answer to that question. I like to use a big honking needle because I am essentially a blind klutz when it comes to threading the stupid thing. I like a BIG needle eye so I can see it. Others, not so visually challenged like to use teeny tiny needles because the holes left in the fabric are smaller. My answer has always been.. "Whatever floats your boat." Just be aware that teeny tiny needles have a more delicate point and will need to be replaced more frequently. They will bend easier. They will dull faster and they may be difficult to thread. When using a heavy thread the needle eye may snag and wear the thread causing the fibers to break. By the same token are larger needle is sturdier and able to take more abuse (although the harder you use them the faster they will wear out.) The eye is bigger so I can see the thing.

    So use what you are comfortable with and replace them when they need to be replaced. Every so many feet of stitching is a good factor, but again... I can't give you a good rule of thumb (see the above discussion). If it "pops" I would think a new needle would be in order. You may be able to gauge the point of a "sharp" with the same fingernail test for a sharp blade. The universal needle and the ball point will not respond the same way.

    There you go... clear as mud. That's why this discussion is in the video titled "Beyond the Mysteries" or something like that.
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    Useful thread and timely too

    Just bought my own thread injector yesterday, 100 Brother from one of the catalogue stores. It's nothing fancy but I hope it'll do me for what I want.

    I called into a crafts shop today and didn't have a clue what I needed so walked out empty handed

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