As it has already been said, not all webbing is the same! But, there is webbing to be found that is suitable for hanging, and can be found at big box store's, here is a thread that gives some very helpful information (thanks to HappyCamper), as well as many other threads talking about this very thing, read post number 58! You can use this webbing and many others do, in fact I believe that Srg.Rock is or was using this type of webbing for his SUL rig (it was a red webbing that he got from a big box store if I remember correctly), you might have to call the company like HappyCamper did to find out for sure what the straps are made of, as this will matter and it's not always printed on the label or packaging! The webbing that is sold by our vendor's here on the forum is without question made for hammocks, and top quality so you can't go wrong in purchasing from them! Just giving options!