Cold night and a surprise. Last night was the coldest night this year so far, so I didi what any slf-respecting hammocker does, I stayed outside!

I went NEO style!

I used a military CCF pad with homemade SPE, a Zlite on top of that and my cheap but good SG Sleeping bag.

My bag is a hybrid, synthetic on bottom, down (700fp) on top, mummy style, 15 or 30 degree bag.

I have never used mummy bags before; I always felt they would be too restraining, I bought this one because it looked good and it was cheap.

I gotta tell ya, trying out the bag in the living room, it felt great, but once I was in the hammock forget it. I just about killed myself gfetting it zipped up, and then I can't even get an arm out to reach my glasses or adjust my pillow. No good for me.

So I unzipped it and used it as a quilt! It works great this way.

I was wearing light wool longjons, under medium 70/30 wool/poly longjons and wool socks. No headgear at all, I had it if needed, just didn't wear it.

So anyway, I punched through 20* @ 3:00 AM and hit a new for me low of 17.7* with this gear.

I was comfortable with only occcasional cold/cool spots that were easily fixed with a little rearranging.

I am pratty happy with the outcome actually. This much CF makes for a big pack, but since I was using synthetic quilts it's not that much difference in volume, except it's on the outside of the pack now.

I am now a Neo CCF convert. There's no school like the old school!

January 2 08.jpg