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Thread: SS pad thought

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    The more you use the space blankets, the quieter they get. I still have the same one I bought when I got my hammock. You can also ball it up and smash it over and over again to quickly break it in. Mine doesn't make any more noise than the nylon on my sleeping bag. I bought some reflectix and tried it with the OCF pad. It seemed negligible to me that it was any warmer. And it takes up more space.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandpiper View Post
    I have used the reflectix with success. IMHO it is best used as close to the body as possible. In the hammock, in an SPE in the hammock or in between the dual layer. If you have it below the hammock and not touching it just becomes a layer and isn't capturing the heat from your body to reflect back at you....
    It works well for me also, but it is really slick and doesn't stay in position well. As a foot pad with a 3/4 UQ, it didn't work for me for that reason.

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