Well, I got the tripod part done....but unfortunately, I'm currently having issues with the ridgepole, as I tried the EMT conduit idea...but don't have any feasible way to drill holes to put bolts through to stop the smaller diameter middle pipe from sliding around. I'm likely just going to go back for fence posts, now that I know what I'm looking for.

Turtlelady, two questions -- what kind of cord are you using for holding the ridgepole to the tripods? I have one kind that's very stiff and doesn't like holding knots, or I have some paracord.

The other question is how the two-part aluminum posts you're using are holding up? I love the idea of repurposing the aluminum posts from my old uber-tent (or just getting some extra ones).

Also, has anyone tried hanging a larger hammock, like an HH Explorer? Was 5-feet long enough for the tripod poles? Or did you end up needing longer ones to not be sitting on the ground? How far apart did you end up setting the tripods?