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    @ apollo2112 - I've been thinking about that too. I might not be able to find the right type of bamboo around here or the fence thing and I would like to use mostly wood and only some metal anyway. So I was thinking to get a piece of metal tubing about 70cm in length (27.55inches says google) and only slightly bigger in diameter than the wooden dowels so they would fit inside snugly. I would need some kind of stoppers on the wooden dowels, to keep this piece of metal tubing (connector) centered. Perhaps drilling very small holes to put something through the wood and tube on each side (bolt on a string ? ), perhaps rubber bands, not sure. I would definately "mark" the dowels though, to see if they stay put or not. I'm playing with this idea because for transport, I wouldn't add too much bulk, since one of the dowels can be slid inside the tube anyway.

    Anyway, I'm mulling it over. I'm new to the whole hammock business (haven't even introduced myself on the forum yet since I only recently decided to make an account after reading for what feels like a bible in hammock knowledge ) and am still tinkering with the length of the homemade woopie ridgeline to find out what my sweetspot is. Once I know, I will also know how long the ridgeline of TurteLadie's setup needs to be for me personally.

    @Turtlelady - I love your tripod system. I was ehm... "advised" by my better half not to drill holes in the walls of our apartment for my hammock. So when I finally made it over to this part of the forum (after reading about tarps, woopie slings (this system is also used for tying huarache sandals by barefooters, did ya know ? ), underquilts, regular quilts, mats and whatnot) and read about your stand, I knew I had found my solution.

    Regular stands were a definite no. Too expensive for one, and too bulky. I need something compact to put away easily and something I can put up in about 10 mins max. This seems to fit the bill. I read all the pages and have extrapolated an illustrated "howto" for me. Now I will look into what materials I'll use after I find out what length ridgepole I want. So thanks for a brilliant idea.

    EDIT - @shumway - you were right, the dowel+tube sleeve thing was mentioned before. Forgot about that after reading so much. Page 8, post 80:
    Quote Originally Posted by gmcttr View Post
    With a 12" piece of a snug fitting pipe used as a sleeve. The load is all end-to-end in compression. The only side load is from the weight of the pole itself.
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