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QChan, one of these stand is in my near future now that I'm fulltiming. When you mentioned the stand sliding around it left me wondering if you had any caps on the ends of the legs. The dowels look to be 1 1/4" dia., crutch tips come in various sizes and may keep them from sliding as much.
It would work, the problem with mine in particular is we would move one of the legs once and a while to walk past and I'd forget to check before I'd have a nap, it hasn't collapsed on me while I'm in it, just when I'm getting up.

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Here's one way to make tripods with spreader bars that are easy to break down and portable: You could two screw eye bolts in each leg (an eye bolt for each end of a spreader bar: six altogether). Then make spreader bars with slots big enough for the eye bolts to slip through. Then, peg the eye bolts on the outside. This would eliminate the need for restricter lines, since it would prevent collapsing AND spreading. Caveat: I haven't tried this--it's just an idea in my head!
we were going to do this exact thing, but when we started thinking about the angles and whatnot, it was just too much work for the time being. I am going to make a stand with this idea(My grandpappy says it won't affect the structure enough to make it dangerous), but for now this works.