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    wbbb 1.1 dbl black
    new river kaq
    wb straps

    trail to tree gear tarp ????'s

    haven't seen many, if any reviews on the Cat Cut Tarp
    120" x 144" Cat cut Sil Nylon tarp. 16 3/4 it too big? I'm 6'2", looks to be a good fit to the wbbb 1.1, and its black too!! , any opinions out there from owners will be appreciated much, thanks in adv.....
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    Dynaglide slings
    I have that tarp and it works great when the weather gets cold and ugly. I added some 2QZQ "Grizz" beaks to it too. The tarp is large and nice to have when the wind blows the storms in. The last trip out I was able to put my gear hammock next to me on one side and had room to heat up my tea on the other. I didn't get any pics that trip or I would share them. I used a single grip clip in the middle of the sides for a pull out. That helped make a larger living space. (The first pic has my hammock and gear hammock inside I just didn't have the grip clips with me.)
    Bottom line: Good workmanship and great customer service. I am happy with my purchase of this tarp.
    Hope this helps...

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