I went out to french creek state park in pa. for an overnighter to test some gear. it was supposed to get into low 20 but never made it. my set up was ULBP with super shelter,8x10 tarp set on diagonal. 20 degree wm bag used as quilt. i also had a nest that i put on under ss. i was going to wait to see how low i could go again with just ss first, with out adding nest till i needed it. but ended up having a few shots of wild turkey with a friend, and was tired so just put nest on before i got in hammock.it was 35 degrees at 9pm. i woke up sweating at 3am ( slept in light nylon pants,smart wool socks,teck wick shirt and fleese) removed fleese, temp said 34 on gage i had in mesh bag on ridge line.i,m thinking it was 28 outside hammock because it the past it seems like it 6 to 10 degrees warmer in hammock than outside. no condensation in hammock!! there was plenty on tarp though. i feel that i could of gotton much lower and been comfortable. i think adding the 13oz. for ss was worth it. not using blue pad cut out condensation issues and comfort. i will be going out again and will try to get a more accute test as will leave booze at home next time