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    Warning another bad picture.

    Yep, this began as financially driven (but in the end I think I'd have been much farther ahead if I'd have ordered the UC).

    I may still be using the UL until I get my HH UC. But what I think I gained through the experimenting phase is the idea that it would be nice if the suspension for the UC (regardless of which version) were in a circular loop (i.e. it ran inside the hammock right along the internal ridgeline). That way in the middle of the night w/o leaving the hammock you could both adjust tension (tie a simple tensioning knot or use a knotbone) and move the UC along the vertical axis to adjust for the sleeper's location.

    Part of my inspiration was an article linked from here to

    In step two there gearcollector shows a ring connector that I believe provides for a tensioning line that will extend inside the hammock through the slit. My idea (if I could get it to work) would do kinda the same thing.

    But in truth, I just broke down and ordered the HHSS full system (yeah I'll have an extra UP, but at $99 that's a great deal!).

    I'm putting this one on the shelf for now, but if anyone can use it in the future, best of luck. Thanks everyone for the input and support!
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