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    Quote Originally Posted by landcruzr View Post
    Having many of the same issues , I set off to the basement to put all of these suggestions to good use- I started by consuming several of my most prized home brews-A holiday ale high in flavor and alcohol .....
    a most excellent story.

    This is what happens to me if I'm sewing after midnight, even bereft of buzz.

    I'm happy to report that my roller cutter maimed finger is healing nicely without infection. It won't be long before I'm back typing with all 10 fingers again.


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    Grizzly, that is, um, gristly. Next project: kevlar finger cozies!

    When I start a sewing project, I make sure the thickness of the needle is suited to the fabric I'm sewing (there may be a chart inside the sewing machine manual, but basically, the lighter or stretchier the fabric, the lower the needle number). I also hold the thread ends behind the presser foot when starting the seam, and turn the flywheel forward by hand so that the needle is in the fabric before giving it power. I practice on a doubled scrap of the same fabric before I start on the actual project. Depending on the thickness of the seam, I may need to lighten up on the presser foot tension or adjust the upper thread tension so that the loops of thread are not too loose. Despite all of this, I get the birdnest under the seam sometimes.

    I have one of the exclusive Nelco machines, sold only at Sears during the 1980s, so your machine may vary.
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    Ok Ok - I have to admit that the story is slightly ficticious - however after having all the problems with my vertically oriented gear driven thread injector(real men dont use sewing machines )I just decided to take it to the shop and give it a tune up- its an older machine and probably hasnt been looked at in some time!!! The ladies there were very helpful with tips and tricks!! and also gave lots of advise on settings and adjustments!!

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    I have two machines; one circa 2004 and one circa 1945. I use the 1945 machine the most, I just like it better. However, on both machines I use the same method for my bobbin tension.

    I wind the bobbin and then I hold the thread, if the bobbin falls on it's own it is too loose, when I give it a little bounce and it drops a few inches (6 or so) it is just right. Clumping, knots or a mass of thread on the bottom is usually too little tension, but it could also be the speed the fabric is going through the dogs.

    If you don't have a walker foot then you need to 'slightly' pull the fabric throught the dogs to keep it from bunching.

    However, needle size, thread size and speed are easy to deal with once you have the bobbin tension set properly, that is the main thing.

    Unless the timing is off, I think this will help your situation the most.
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