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    A bigger temperature gradient in hammock compared to the ground as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hammock engineer View Post
    Wouldn't that be the same risk as using it on the ground as a sleeping bag on a pad, or do you think using it in a hammock would increase it?
    There are several factors. In a hammock you and your pads are surrounded by breathable fabric covered on the top side by a tarp with plenty of ventilation. In a tent you are on a bathtub floor that is a vapor barrier that is often mostly enclosed by a tent fly so there is much less air movement to assist in evaporation. Tents in general have more problems with condensation buildup than hammocks.

    Then there is the type of pad you are on and whether it contours to you body on the ground as well as it does in a hammock. Next is whether you toss and turn on the ground but stay put all night in one position in a hammock. Then there is what type of wicking material you are using with the pad, if any, or is built into the surface of the pad.

    In my experience in tents and hammocks over the years, it is six of one versus half dozen of the other and when I have problems is when it is a muggy, windless night where everything is damp. You have to have movement of drier air to evaporate moisture, if the surrounding air is very near its saturation point it isn't going to help evaporate any moisture. I have waited in the morning sun for a damp tent to dry out from condensation build up overnight where nothing seemed to happen until the direction of the wind changed and then the tent was dry in minutes as if by magic because the humidity of the air changed. But obviously you have other people that have the opposite experience where they almost always have problems with it in hammocks but seldom when sleeping in a tent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirkman View Post
    What do ya all think would be best for winter hanging. In 20 to -10 temps. My set up is a claytor jungle hammock I've added a double thick walmart egg crate ccf pad with wings on one pad and a thermarest self inflating pad. I have a -20 degree bag.... Should I be using it as a top quilt or can I just crawl in it like I always have? I don't mind the hassle of getting in and out of the bag...... My main concern is condensation accumulating in the bag under me or do you think it wont be a issue?...... I do role around allot when I sleep and I am a fairly warm sleeper........Thanks! Jason

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    I do not think you will have a problem either way with the hammock you are using. The Claytor differs from most commercial hammocks in that it it has a double bottom and the poly liner acts to help wick away condensation. Also the bottom is waterproof and very wind resistant. I have used quilts and bags in the Claytor in temps. down in the mid 20's with a double wmart blue pad with no condensation issues. Having said that, no two people are alike- this is just my experience-- John

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Jeff View Post
    I think you risk soaking the part of the bag that is between your body and the pad. Using it as a quilt means there's no insulation there to soak. Use it like a quilt.
    Good point, I don't get back sweats lying directly on a CCF with a topquilt, YMMV.

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    Thanks guys!....Do you think If I add, lets say some thing under the poly in my claytor like fleece on top of one of the pads it would help or hurt the wicking ability of the poly?
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