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    What's an overcover? Would this work/be necessary to put under my UQ? I was looking at the chinook just now. looks really affordable and light. is that the right impression?

    also I measured my gortex and it's 5ft wide. still sound like that's too narrow from what you guys are telling me. i kind of want to set it up and see though. I know you guys have a ton of experience and I'm not doubting you but for basic drizzle coverage and dew, it seems like it would work. Haha, this is going to sound dumb but I've been sleeping under a tied up poncho for the last year when backpacking and it's gotten me through some heavy rains. That was not in a hammock though so I would wound't be surprised if it's totally different.

    How wide is Just jeffs?

    All that said, i guess the real issue I orginally came with is if gortex will work as a material. So even if I can get by with how narrow it is, i still don't know how well it will keep out rain.
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