Have about 2# of down I would like to do something with.

Not being one that likes totally specialized equipment, do you think this would work ??

Pea pod with a full zip all the way around the bottom that doubles as a semi rectangular sleeping bag or an underquilt or a flat top quilt. Would probably have a zipper baffle all the way around.

Pea pod for colder weather, UQ for a bit warmer or maybe alone or as a
topper in a tent.

So what is a good peapod length ??
Does it go by height ??

Does anybody just sleep in a peapod by itself with no TQ or UQ ??

What sort of loft should I make it.
Thinking 2.5" - 3" for 20dF but not sure.

Should the baffles be continuous all the way around, or divided at the side ?

In very cold weather I would probably use the pea pod with a CCF pad between layers, a golite ultra 20 as a TQ and probably a 2.4oz Apex climashield UQ or something like that.

Signed Pea pod confused !@#