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    Hammock Gear 3 S Summer Quilt Comparison. With Pictures

    Thought I'd put these pictures up for anyone that may be interested.

    I've had a lot of folks here help and read a whole lot of useful information, In my case pictures are great when deciding gear. Hope someone finds them usefull in making there quilt choice.

    These are pictures of both the 3 Season and Summer Crowsnest / Phoenix and 3 Season and Summer Burrows.

    I only took the quilts out of the sacks, fluffed them up a bit with a shake and took the pictures, they will all loft up a little more given some time.

    For the height guide I used something as universal as I could think of.........Toilet Paper Roll


    The Summer burrow is in green outer, silver inner, standard amount of 900 fill, regular width/length with snapped foot box. 469 gram's in stuff sack.

    The 3 Season burrow is in black outer, green inner, standard amount of 900 fill, regular length but widened by 6" for the ground if required. 652 gram's in stuff sack.

    The summer TQ looks a bit deflated in the double folded picture for some reason, It's not lacking fill at all and is exactly what I wanted in a light, summer quilt.

    TQ's Top View.JPG

    TQ's Single fold.JPG

    TQ's Double fold.JPG


    The Summer crowsnest / burrow is in green outer, silver inner, 900 fill, 1 oz of overfill. 403 gram's in stuff sack.

    The 3 Season crowsnest / burrow is in Black outer, silver inner, 900 fill, 2 oz of overfill. 542 gram's in stuff sack.

    For the pictures the 3 Season UQ doesn't look that different in loft to the summer UQ. I can assure you there is a BIG difference in loft when in actual use. The 3 Season normaly lofts like crazy and the baffles are a lot more full with down and there is no "fiddle" factor with gaps in the down and the down doesn't shift as much. But the summer UQ with a extra 1 oz of overfill is a bit of a suprise package as it is very lofty for the amount of fill.

    UQ's Top view.JPG

    UQ's Over lounge.JPG

    UQ's Double Fold 1.JPG

    UQ's Double fold 2.JPG

    Like I said, Hope these pictures can help someone out. I'm just glad to give a little back to the forum and people that have helped me in the past.

    Now, NO MORE GEAR (That's what I have to keep telling myself)
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