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    First DIY Hammock Success(ish)

    I did it. Finally. I made my first piece of DIY gear. I got some $1 material from Wally-world, what I believe to be !.9 DWR, but am not positive. I do know the material is heavier than 1.1, so I'm pretty sure that it's a useable strength. I double stitched rolled seams (which aren't even at all) and have finally gotten the machine to stop being a little girl (no offense to little girls) and play nice so that I can sew my straps. I've sewn cinch buckles onto the ends of 1" polyester webbing and then used that to tie a double sheet bend in the ends instead of whipping the hammock. Yay! It's not pretty at all, the hems aren't close to being even, but it seems to work just fine. I'll take it for a test hang later today after it warms up just a hair. I'll take pics as soon as my digital camera decides it wants to cooperate. It's not been working since the RRG hang. Insert dancing banana here! Why do I now have the strange feeling like I have to make another one or something else?

    Addendum: Many thanks to Grizzly Adams for the cinch buckles. You've made a convert out of me!
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