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    So I found some time to tinker around today. I switched out my guylines from my old tarp and did some splicing to make two more so all the pullouts would have lines. I have the four corners and side pulls rigged up with red 1.75mm zing-it prussic onto grey 2mm lash-it for the lines. Each line has a locked brummel at the stake end and buried end at the tarp end. This allows me to adjust them from the inside if the weather is nasty. I really like the doors and the way they tuck away with the help of a couple 7/64 amsteel blue continuous loops. I have the door tie outs rigged up with some bungee and plastic hooks. They are just the right lengths to pull inside and connect with the amsteel loops. It will be interesting to see how the side pulls perform. They do seem a little high up but I've never used side pulls and I'm sure Brandon knows where they work best. This tarp seems to have it all for me.

    1- lightweight
    2- doors
    3- side pullouts
    4- rugged corner tie outs
    5- reinforced ridgeline
    6- plenty of room
    7- lots of configuration possibilities
    just to name a few
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