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    Question Padding a Safari

    Hi guys,

    I am looking to make my first SPE for a HH safari deluxe. I have an original full length thermarest, a full length EVA mat and a Reflective foam backed mat.

    Question is, should I just cut the EVA mat up and use it for wings or buy another for the wings? (it was dirt cheap just a few quid). And should I sew the reflective mat straight into the SPE or keep it loose?

    At the moment I'm not likely to be able to get out and use the hammock till Summer mostly due to only having a 2 season sleeping bag at the moment and no money for a sensible bag (big man means big expensive bag ) and also a busy few months (training to become a slightly less big man ).

    Despite this I would like to have something that will at least be ready to use before then in case circumstances change and also use into winter this year.

    Any advice would be much appreciated ta
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