Nope your not being a pain.
My plan was to base camp on Shi Shi. It is a great place to camp, and there are plenty of places to camp. If there is any disadvantage it's a backpacking location.

There are also other nearby camp at Hobuck beach, the disadvantage is it is 20 bucks a night to camp. But there is a heated bathroom with flushing toilets and a hot shower....It will be crowded there. The Surfrider foundation sets up camp there. They will be serving burgers on Saturday for free. There are plenty of places to hang at Hobuck. Its one of very few camp grounds i don't mind paying for.

The tribal center will be offering it's grounds free for camping....except there is no place to hang.
In the end i all for what attracts the most folks. It's a get together....but it is also a work party too. Many hand make light work.

I'm no stranger for trash hauls.

I also volunteer to do trail maintenance for the WTA. In my opinion picking up is far far less difficult than hauling backpacking gear, a Pulaski, Hoe, rock bar up a mountian side. Or manning the ol' misery whip. Just not as "glamorous".