Hi folks, we scheduled a return trip to North Sylamore Creek near Mountain View AR last weekend and had a blast. We started hiking at Blanchard Springs recreation area and moseyed exactly about nine miles to Barkshed recreation area. It then continues on from there about 13 miles to connect with the Ozark Highlands Trail, which is something that I'd like to do one of these days.

I took a Stickpic and tried my hand at recording some video of the trip:

Clearly I need to cultivate my video production skills. You guys raise the bar pretty high around here

My wife asleep in her hammock. Somehow she kicked the underquilt out from underneath her during the night and froze for a while. I saw it hanging off to one side in the morning when I woke up and fixed it for her. That's my hammock off to the back behind the tree. Sadly, that's it for the hammock pictures for this trip.

Here's Samba the dog drinking out of the creek. He was a good boy

The other side of what Samba was drinking out of

A waterfall chute that would have been great to see after a rain

The gang

Thanks for checking it out. I feel the OHT calling my name now.