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Since I wasn't around to watch the first tarps get hung over hammocks I wasn't aware that Asym-Diamond ment Asymmetrical diamond. I took a crash course on hammocks, so I've had to get all the data that I could in the last couple of weeks and try to hash out what rig and tarp that would fit my needs (this was a b-day present and the clock was ticking). This consisted of a wealth of videos and finally ending up here reading up on hammocks, suspensions, and tarps (probably data overload). The WBBB caught my eye at every turn, and Brandon was great to answer my questions. I thought the tarp issue was a no brainer... ooppss.. I'll wait till this weekend when its light and I can give it a truly fair test (rigging it up over the hammock and checking the coverage in daylight). If it doesn't work for me, then I'll probably take you up on returning it Brandon. Sorry for being a newbie to all of this, but we can't learn if we don't try.
Please let us know how it went for you