Well sports fans I had a small taste of the other side this past weekend. My wife and I took our daughter Finley out for her first ever real camping trip. After not being able to stay overnight at the Florida hang because of a cough, she was dying to get out! We have a huge tent with a screen room and we set it up on the point where the Saint John's River meets with the Atlantic ocean.

Beautiful views.

No one around. Got to sit and watch the huge tankers cruise by on the way to sea. It was great. A little cold by Florida standards, but it was mostly wind related. When it was bed time the mercury had dropped significantly (read 40ish, but it was near 70 during the day) and the water wind wasn't helping.

The other thing that didn't help was the ridiculously hard ground. I was miserable. I swear I got pressure sores. I got up at 5 because I just couldn't take it any more, and that's not me. Especially on Sunday.

All in all it was a great overnighter and Finley (jumpy) really enjoyed herself. I'll make sure next time we do our tent trip I have a cot.