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    Cinch buckles came!...sewing questions...

    So just wanted to express how elated I am at my new cinch buckles from onrope1. I called them up Monday, ordered just 2 (gave me no problems about that) and she told me they'd be shipped out Wednesday. Well today they came. 2 days for priority mail from TN to FL aint bad. They're alot more robust and quality looking than I originally thought. And I didn't expect the center bar to move, but that makes sense so perhaps I'm just dense

    Anyhow, with my biners and polyester webbing on the way I had a sewing question. I'm gonna be sewing my own webbing loops and I've got some 100% polyester 3-ply thread from Joann Fabrics. I was just gonna sew some "x-box" pattern for each loop. Will this be good enough to hold? I don't wanna get all this 1000+lb test material just to fall on my butt from a crappy sewing job.

    Thanks for the help

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    should be fine.
    If you have a hh hugger to look at you can copy their pattern.
    I do a square with an X in the middle(triple stitched). You can also do some vertical and horiz. lines to make it more of an asterisk if you're inclined.
    No matter.....I think it'll hold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by preprunner View Post
    I'm gonna be sewing my own webbing loops...
    I agree that it should be fine. I do hope that your sewing machine is up to the task, though. The el-cheapo machine that I have won't sew through multiple thicknesses of webbing without bunching up.
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