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    Couple of questions from a total newbie...

    Hi there,
    Im totally new to the whole hammock camping scene, in fact i've haven't tried it yet! Before i decide its for me i have a couple of questions for the DIYers. I recently received a Portec Peak hammock as a gift and i love it! The only thing about it is, it is just a plain hammock, no mosquito net or roof. I was thinking i could get a piece of mosquito net big enough to cover the whole hammock, run a rope under it to hold it up and then sew peices of velcro to the hammock to hold it on. Is this a good/bad idea? I know that the mosquito net isn't 100% nessecary but i need the feeling of being closed in/sealed to sleep (why i like tents). Then my plan is to hang a tarp over the hammock and stake it out for rain protection.
    How does everyone think this will work?

    One other question i have is kind of off topic for this thread but i figure i may as well ask anyway. If i use my Therma-rest Pro-lite sleeping pad in my hammock will it damage the pad in anyway?


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    your bug set sounds like an easy solution. Another idea would be the way that ENO makes theirs. It is a "tube" with a draw string on each end. You could still use the ridge line to hold it up. Just bunch it up and one end, crawl in and slide it up. Probably a little more difficult to close up then the velcro, but probably easier to make and you dont have to modify the hammock any.

    As far as the pad, it is pretty common to use them, and it will be fine.


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    The hammock shouldn't damage the pad. You will probably find that with a standard 20" wide pad your shoulders may get cold. Try adding a wider pad at your torso that can wrap up your sides.

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    Here is my hammock with a US military surplus bug net hanging from the tarp ridgeline. Worked pretty well.
    I prefer a bug net sewn to the hammock as it helps hold the sides up and keep my feet and sleeping bag from hanging over the edge of the hammock.

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    thanks for the help guys!

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