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Those tarps look great! I can't wait to get mine. Almost got enough put back. I love that design lazy river. I was originally thinking of going with the 8.8 x 11, but have been kind of worried and confused about tie out points. I'd like to be able to close doors if need be and flip doors in as if it were a hex. I'm worried the with a rectangle the doors either won't close all the way, or if they did have the ample space needed with tie outs it would make the hex option very small. I wish I could explain this better. Sgt rock seems to have it down with his rectangle but its 9' x 7'. So I've been kicking around the idea of the bwdd winter dream style. I love how yours has diagnal angles to it, I didn't think the winter dream had that.

Sorry for rambling on, I just can't get the tie out points right in my head for effective doors and effective hex.
Yeah I'm not sure about the day dream I only have the winter dream and absolutely love the design. It all depends on how big or small of a tarp you want, what type of coverage are you looking for and in what season. And most importantly what are you comfortable. with. I don't like small tarps am not comfortable using them so I choose to use big ones. And rambling about hammock and all related.