I just placed an order with Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics that included 100 mitten hooks at 11 cents each. I do not need 100 mitten hooks, but intended to buy a couple dozen. Turned out the discount for buying the whole bag of 'em was too enticing.

If anyone would like some mitten hooks, I'll sell some for my cost and whatever the shipping will be. For instance, if you want 10, that would be $1.10 plus about 78 cents for regular postage. I'd say we round it to two bucks and you just mail me cash. That's just a possible example. I don't do Paypal. If no one wants any, that's cool.

I plan to use mine for attaching my space blanket to my HH as an "undershield," which I do already, but usually with knots. Thumb-locks can work too, but I want to try mitten hooks.

You can go to the Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics site and search for mitten hooks if you'd like to see what they are. They have two similar kinds and I bought the stronger kind.

Rain Man