Hey all first post (I am really more of a lurker!)

After finding this site while researching good kayak camping shelters I bought a Blackbird 1.7 double about 6 weeks ago. I've played with it in the yard a few times but was looking for a cheap indoor option to play with pads etc (until I can scrape up the cash for an underquilt). This past weekend I screwed a couple of heavy eyebolts into the studs of either end of my garage and last night did my first extended "hang" to see if I've learned anything. I just put the webbing through the eyebolt and clipped the carrabiener to it like it was a real skinny tree. This seemed to be working fine but about an hour or so in I got paranoid and got up to tie a couple of knots so the loop in the webbing wasn't taking the brunt of my weight (I am 6'3" & 235). About 1:30 the wind was pounding on my garage door so loud that I decided to break it down and head in but it took quite an effort to undo those knots after they had bared my weight for a few hours. Was I being overly concerned about the strength of the webbing stitching on it's own?