Not ready for spring quite yet but MAHHA 2011 at Pine Grove Furnace State Park is coming!

Mark your calendars .....April 29-May 1 at Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Check out the park here.

The president of the Appalachian Trail Museum, Larry Luxenberg, has coordinated with the PGF park managers to sponsor an educational weekend on hammock style camping with all its related components.
The details? We have been given two side by side group areas, where good hanging trees abound and use of a pavilion. They have waived all fees for the weekend. Our part is to plan a "program" by March 1 that can be advertised well in advance of the event date. I do plan on taking a donation from those in attendance to be directed to the AT Museum so it can continue with its mission to display artifacts of the AT and educate about the trail.

This is a call for ideas. Imagine what fun we could have doing what we love to do. I can see several scattered locations throughout the park, each one demonstrating something pertaining to hammock camping. Here's a few ideas:
Various hammocks, setup and ready, for the public to test out. Various tarps in different configurations. Various suspensions. How to stay warm with various insulation systems. Gear storage ideas, tips and tricks, and packing ideas. I see someone dealing with food. Freezer bag cooking would be interesting. How about alky stove making, caldera cone making, and whoopie sling making and use. Does this prime the pump for you? How about a panel discussion on the advantages of hammock camping?
Do any of these whet your appetite? It is going to take many of us to produce a good program. With the diversity in our group, that really should be no problem.

Here's what I need you to do. Banter on the forum about ideas for the program...we are good at that. If you are ready to commit to helping out in some capacity that weekend, speak up and I'll maintain a list of who and what. Feel free to PM me with questions or suggestions.

An attendance poll will follow so as to get a head count of possible attendees from our group. I plan on visiting some local BSA troops and hiking clubs once the advertising piece is produced.

ZQ is planning on reserving a camping site in the "ground dwellers camping area" of the park. She's hoping some other non hanging wives may want to join her for the weekend.

This could be the start of a great relationship with Pine Grove Furnace for future MAHHA gatherings. Hope to see many there.
Tim -(2Questions)