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    Trying to move this strand to the top [sorry] but does anyone have any news about water flow in Big Cypress?


    Thanks for the tip calling the FTA directly [don't know why I did not think of that ] but no word yet and still waiting for a reply from Deb @ the FTA.
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    Wish I could tell you where to look, but somewhere on the FTA site is a forum, or a link to one. Not much action on it, but the few posts I've made have been responded to fairly quickly. You might try finding the forum and asking about water. From what I could gather it is mostly trail maintainers that use the forum; best source of info there is.

    There is always the stash and grab method for your water. I've done it a few times when I just didn't feel like drinking Florida swamp water. Let us know about the hanging options down there.
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