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    30D Hex Tarp review

    I bit the bullet and finally went for a non stock HH tarp. I know i know i always bang on about how the HH design is ideal for me and there is nothing that i would change about it. BUT, my friend was going to the states and agreed to pick one up for me and bring it back, so i saved myself the $60usd shipping fee to the uk.... sigh... always comes down to money eh...

    anyways, thoughts so far....

    the stock diamond shaped or asym tarp comes to 434gms/1lbs. This is one of the main reasons that i didnt want to buy a 70d hex tarp as its 800gms/1.8lbs. Yeah the idea of having a larger canopy was great but adding nearly double the weight wasnt in the spirit of my uber lightness.

    The 30d version is 500gms/1.1lbs..... so yes it is a tad expensive but in terms of adding weight it is minimal!

    I have only just got it and unfortunately we have near hurricane conditions hear at the moment, i tried my best to peg it out in the garden and that resulted in me getting blown over and the thing almost getting shredded. hehe a sensible man would have made himself a cup of tea and waited till tomorrow...

    In every corner of the hex tarp, is a tiny sil nylon pocket where the guy lines can be rolled into, this is quite a nice feature as when i want to use it as a freestanding tarp i wont have to watch out for lines all over the floor. Unlike the normal HH tarp, it also has this feature across the apex as well, which means that you can set the tarp up independent of the hammock and the chord is already there to tie it to the trees, for those of you who love the tarp and hammock together or tarp lower argument (dont start!!! For the love of god!) this allows you to do it whichever way you fancy!

    I am going to try my best to set all of this up tomorrow and film a new hennessy hammock video, a follow up of my hennessy hammock 101 on youtube. Theres some more tit bits about internal storage potential and ways of making life easier for yourself that i feel need to be shared with the world.

    for now, heres a couple of photos to show size for those of you that are contemplating buying one.

    btw, as everyone knows, everything outdoors is measured in SIGG, it is the international unit of measurement for ALL outdoors people. So a SIGG it is....
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