This is a continuation of the breathable custom under quilt cover 2QZQ made for me that was posted here:

With input from BlazeAway, Shug, pizza and several others modification and improvements were made to this UQ protector.
Below are some picts of the improved design. Hope you enjoy them.

My lovely wife volunteered to lay in the hammock so I could adjust the end attachments, side tensioners and photograph the results.

Head end attachment. For now Iím using S biners at the gathered ends. I found the UQP seals best if you gather the ends as tight as they will go then knot the shockcord with a small loop to stretch over the end of the hammock. I am using a S biner since everything is black and you would not be able to see the attachment.

Foot End attachment.

Snugging up the side tensioners. Very hard to see but in the middle there is spring clip that allows you to adjust the tension of the mini shockcord.

UQP snugged up under shelf

Asked wife to really jam her feet into the foot box to see what the UQP would do.

On the four corners Donna has attached these little loops which really helps to keep the seal around the hammock.

I am really pleased with how this QU Protector came together and canít wait to test it out in the field.

Breathable 1.1 ripstop nylon.
Shockcord gathered ends.
Mini shockcord adjustable side gathers.

I can't thank Donna @ 2QZQ enough for making this for me.