Recently I ordered a WBBB 1.0DL and a Superfly. The hammock ended up being one of the imported ones and the superfly was made in some place called America. Never had anything made from there before so i was hoping the quality would be ok . They arrived this week and they were quickly out of the box. It has been said before that the quality of the Warbonnet gear is top notch and I'd have to agree. I couldn't see any difference in quality between the two items so the place of manufacture certainly doesn't come into the quality argument. Focusing on the hammock I was very impressed that there wasn't a loose thread in sight. My DD Frontline had quite a few of these, nothing that affects performance but just an attention to detail issue.

I've removed the stock line suspension and transferred across some homemade whoopies. Last night I finally had a chance to try it out. My daughter joined me in the back yard in her homemade hammock trying out her new REI sleeping bag. I didn't bother with the tarp as there wasn't any chance of rain.

I had a very comfortable nights sleep. I really liked the footbox on the hammock and also the way the mozzie net was set up. I was very thankful for this as I had a squadron of the little fellas (or are the bloodsuckers the sheilas?) trying to get at me. I was also trying out a new TQ & UQ but it wasn't really a good test for them as the min temp was only about 18 (in proper degrees ). The pocket came in handy for stuffing the TQ for the first part of the night when it was just too warm to use it.

All in all I'm very impressed with both products. I'm looking forward to using them on a proper hang soon.