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    clark nx 250
    good question i was wondering the same thing. I would also like to piggy back this question I am about to make a down top quil and i thought while i am at it make a foot under quill for the nx250 using the area with velcro. but my question is redaring the rest of the back area and which would be best. should i make a full bottom under quill attaching at the velcro at the feet and on the sides where the pockets do not conect completly or do i just do the feet and make squares of down to fill each pocket individualy? i will be using this system for a thru hike this summer and will be putting my gear in the pockets at night.
    any thought would be great. and bradley do you have any pics of the pads you put in the pockets themselves?

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    Poly web w/AHE buc

    Seems to me that the individual down pillows

    would work well, and would allow gear storage too.

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    This is some great info and great pics.. Pictures do speak a thousand words..

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    Well, my hammock arrived last night and although I was fighting high winds and 40 degree temps. I had to set this baby up and just try it, even if it was only going to be for 10 mins.. After a 15 hr work day I was tired but excited, so last night at around 10:00 I was able to get the hammock strung up!!!! I had a little trouble getting the hammock to the right height off the ground and getting the drip rings to slide up and down the main line but that was only due to my inexperience and lack of light. ended up going to the Truck headlights that really helped.
    So I got her setup and after getting in the first time realized that my bottom was just barely touching the ground so I got out and tried to get it set right. It was very interesting laying inside this beauty, lots of room above the head. I now understand what folks on here mean when they say the shoulder area can become compressed.
    I ended up not being able to play around with the hammock enough last night due to need of sleep for today. One other lesson I learned was that if you have the hammock to close to one post or tree it should be the feet end. I could never seem to get the feet above the head but it was cold and I was in a hurry so maybe after this storm passes I can get out and experiment more. I did love setting up in the hammock like a recliner!!! you guys were spot on there, the backcountry will feel soooo much better just having a place to set down and relax besides piled up rocks or timber.. Thank you all for your insight and knowledge. I will have more questions etc coming soon after I get a chance to use my clark.. until then, be safe.........

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    Congrats on the testing, though limited, that you were allowed to do. Ask the questions I am sure someone will be able to answer them for you.
    Par Si Vis Pace Para Bellum

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    Well I did a little cold weather testing last night it got down in the mid 20's I had only the 0 deg marmot bag and a tee shirt and cotton socks. I was comfy for 30 mins or so before my back,butt and heels started to feel a little cool. Not cold but im sure if I stayed all night it would get colder and colder. Nothing was placed in the pockets below the hammock. After that I placed a cheap pad under me that covered my back and butt. That solved the cold below me but the feet would probably still get cold. I think a good pair of wool socks would have solved the foot issue. Anyway more testing to come as I get time. I still have one larger inflatable pad that I could try but im really happy for now.. Keep ya posted as things progress.!

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    For my 250, as soon as I find enough loose change in the WallMart parking lot, I am going to order the Clark inserts/under quilt thingees .

    Using them, you still have almost full use of the pockets and the end section completes the under insulation.

    The system from Clark also includes a storage beg that the whole thing fits in hammock and attached pad/s.

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    are you talking about the z-liner? i have looket at it but i dont understand how the pads stay up in tbe pockets and not just drop down into your gear if stored.

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    I have a set for my NX150. I have only used them once so far. The temp droped to 24*F I was toasty warm with my No snivler top Quilt. I had one cold spot on my shoulder, but that was because it was touching the kayak under me.

    The Z-liners stay inplace with velcro. There is a strip at the top of each pocket for closure, and the Z-liners have a strip on both sides of the top. They just make a velcro sandwich. They just float in the pockets from there down. You must check that they are tucked into the corners. I prefer my JRB quilts much better though. They are much more versitle.

    Tight lines.

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    well that makes sence thanks for the info kyak. sine you have tried several different techniques. how does an under quilt work if you have gear in the pockets? does it still work or do you have to have the quilt right against your back?

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