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    Well folks, i'm learning the hard way as to how to set-up this hammock and the do's and don'ts #1 don't tie the hammock to angle iron no a barn and then have it slip down with you in the hammock.. That will not only scare the crap out of you but it will cut into your main lines.. pissed off am I? Yes, but its my fault anyway after that I put hand towels under the ropes and had no problems..
    So then I wanted to try out my tarp over the hammock. Do you guys/gals leave your tie down lines tied to your tarp at all times when you pack it up etc? if so do you use the knot shown on the underside of the tarp? Or do you use some sort of permanent knot that wont come untied on that end? Just to be completely honest I never even got the know shown on the underside of the tarp right.. lol.. I'm no boyscout, I hunt and camp often but just never learned how to tie knots unless it was a fishing knot. It was real windy and they made the experience more difficult for me. One more question for now what is the large black plastic peace on the head end of the tarp for? Is it supposed to run through the main line on your hammock? As you can tell i'm lost so far, but i plan to start reading this info over again online and watching some you-tube clips again so maybe i get it down better. Thanks for helping "I need it"... Casey

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    I noticed cavediver had a bungie cord attached from the hammock to the tarp but i don't have that bungy with my NX-250.. anyway i want to go outside and try this over but without help in this wind I don't think its going to happen..

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    Quote Originally Posted by balloonatic View Post
    . . . and bradley do you have any pics of the pads you put in the pockets themselves?
    Sorry I almost forgot this ???

    not a very good one, but . . .
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Guyline thoughts.....

    I leave my guylines attached at all times. Hard to misplace them that way.

    I bought Line-Lok 3s from AHE and attached them to the Clark tarp rings with three snall zip-ties. The original Clark cords will slip in these devices, but I replaced all the guys with Kelty TripTease for visibility issues. I terminated the lower end of the guys with a loop of 1/8" shockcord as a tensioning device. With this setup I can adjust tarp guy tension from under the tarp.

    An alternative to the Line Loks is to run the Clark cord up from your stake, through a cordlock, through the tarp ring, and back through the cordlock. With the cordlock jammed against the ring the friction will prevent slipping under normal conditions but should give way in a high wind (better than having the fabric tear!). You will be able to adjust from beneath the tarp, but will need two hands as opposed to the Line Loks one-handedness.

    One of these days I need to post some pics........


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    With the 250 you will not have the bungy cord from the tarp to the hammock. That is used on the 200 models to keep the bugnetting suspended off of the person in the hammock. With the Poles on the 250 the bungy cord is not needed.............

    As far as tarp lines I leave them attached to the tarp at all times. I use a single 35' piece of cord for the ridgeline, one small beiner on one end and on the other is a small figure 9 to adjust the tension. I have used prusick loops attached to the tarp and ridgeline, in the past, so I could center the tarp over the hammock easier. As far as the guylines at the corners of the tarp go I have a section of shock/bungy cord attached to the hard point on the tarp then my guyline is attached to this. At my stake I use a figure 9 to help with tensioning. If you don't want to use the figure 9's here you can just clove hitch the guyline to the stake and tension the tarp by stretching the bungy cord then plant the stake in the ground.

    I hope this helps.......sorry to hear about the factory cords on your hammock, just another reason to start modding!!!!!!
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    Thanks guys, I went back out and played around with the hammock again yesterday and had much better success trying different things. The main lines are going to be fine just worried me a little at first. Overall I did really well this go around one problem I had was the tree size and distance I covered using my tree straps and main lines on the hammock. The tarp lines were to short so i had to tie the tarp onto my tree straps and that made the tarp right on top of the hammock. next time I will know to get trees closer together.. Im learning lol its fun..

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