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    Quote Originally Posted by WV View Post
    You mean "PTI", don't you?
    Thanks, WV... I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Now I understand. He wants to Make Gear using a PTI.

    Why didn't he just say that in the first place?

    Quote Originally Posted by kellyk7
    this is a vintage 1960 machine, the local shop just shrugged and said where am i gonna get parts. with that being said on something like this the cost to repair would quickly outweigh the value of another machine...
    Not necessarily so... the inexpensive, vintage US, Japanese or Italian machines are what you want to find. Parts are available, and they can be worked on. Some of the high end and modern machines are difficult to open up, have plastic parts and some parts are very expensive.

    I paid $80 for a vintage Made-in-Japan Necchi with steel gears, and $60 for a tuneup. I paid $50 for a 1960 Made-in-USA Singer with a cast iron frame, and $50 for a tuneup. Both are worth more to me than a $200 machine that needs to be checked out in the shop.
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    +1, Rev. In 1960 they made 'em good. I was going to suggest trying a new shop, too.

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