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    Question Gear list for long distance bike trip.

    I know this forum says "Long Distance Hiking with a Hammock," but please just read that as "Long Distance Biking with a Hammock" for this post. This really feels like the right area on the forums for it.

    I plan on covering a lot of ground by bike this year. A lot of it in paved/developed areas, but that's not the fun part. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is the most interesting part. I'm at the point where I have made most of my equipment choices. As long as they agree with me during my testing, I should hopefully be prepared the way I need to be. I know I will need to be prepared for bugs, rain, freezing temperatures, sleeping on the ground. And if you can imagine some other things I need to prepare for please yell at me now, so I don't find these things out in the middle of the woods a thousand miles from home.

    My overall equipment plan is to go with things that are reliable, versatile, simple, and keep weight down where I can. I really just want insight into what I've failed to consider or to fill in a few holes in my equipment list. Shelter and clothing are pretty high up there on the list of importance, so I'll start with that:


    Claytor Expedition Hammock
    Speer Winter Tarp
    Homemade Hammock Sock
    Blue CCF
    Gossamer Gear 1/4 Wide Pad
    20 Degree Synthetic Mummy Bag
    Some kind of quilt/blanket for summer?
    Stakes, need 8 for the tarp and some more if I want to pitch on the ground.
    Suspension cheating items

    I may also carry the stock Claytor tarp, which should be much stealthier. It could also double as a ground cloth if I can't hang. It could serve triple duty as a bike tarp depending on how much room I will pitch the Speer tarp with normally. With the blue CCF and sleeping bag, I felt pretty good at around 25 degrees in a test. The lack of width could be felt though. I will cut down both foam pads to make them easier to pack I expect.

    I need to make a simplified suspension system so I can do it upside down, asleep, in the rain, and blindfolded. The cinch buckles look good to me, even though I'm not quite sure what they are or how they work quite yet. Figures 9s for the tarp work well for me, but I would need a full bucket load of them if I want to use them everywhere.

    Are there any massive flaws in my plan? Is there a way to I get around carrying the bag or something similar everywhere and still be prepared if cold shows up?

    I have plenty of other categories in my gear list, but I don't want this post to be 35 pages long on it's own. If I get some good feedback, maybe I will be nice enough to reveal the stuff in the "Stupid People Stuff" category or maybe the "MacGuyver Toolkit."

    Thanks if advance for the help, unless you didn't give any help.

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    Your list looks good to me. The cinch buckles will make set-up/takedown much easier.
    Just attach the stock rope to the buckle and use webbing to thread thru the buckle and around the tree. Loops in the ends of the webbing with carabiners work well. Stapworks will sew the loops for you in their polyester webbing.
    I'd go with the 1" camo polyester webbing from OWF. It is much lighter and has a 2000lb. rated strength.
    You'd have to sew the loops yourself or get someone to do it.
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