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There's been a lot written on HF about that. With a structural ridgeline, the hammock is going to be no flatter for making the ridgeline tighter. It just makes the ridgeline, you know, tighter.

I do the opposite, hanging the hammock loose and low initially. I raise the hammock by tightening the suspension through the rings, until the ridgeline just becomes tight. Then I adjust the height of each end of the hammock (I like it slightly head-end low) by moving the huggers up or down on the trees.

I find that when I suspend the hammock this way, it tends to stay where I put it, so there is no need to sit in it, then adjust again.
Good input. Thanks. I have often thought I am not getting the best comfort or most natural position in the hammock due to how tight I have the suspension. That's one reason I has ZQ pull out the velcro. That, and I don't use the bottom entrance anymore.

I'll try your suggestions next time out and see how it goes!

Thanks again.