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    Pads for DL hammocks

    I'd like to know what kinds of pads people use in their double layer hammocks.

    I got Gossamer Gear's 1/4" evazote (sp?) 44" wide pad.

    I tried it full width and that was a disaster, so I've trimmed about 5-6" of each side and that's as narrow as I want.

    I find that it creases, but the worst thing is that it's so bulky and hard to roll/fold.

    For taking in/on a backpack, a Therm-A-Rest would be less bulky (tho heavier) and more comfortable if you had to go to ground. But they're fairly narrow and I think it would be hard for me to keep my body on the bad - especially if I moved. Tho I find the pads move when you get in the hammock.

    Please comment on how you roll/fold/store them when backpacking.


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    I have been using a camouflage moving blanket folded in half but it is quite large when rolled up, so I got two sheets of 1/16" foam from Here it looks like it will be pretty nice. I like my UQ but I was looking for something to add to my BOB and this fit the bill. I have to sheets standing up in my room now and they are WIDE so I can cut them to what I want them to be. I bought two sheets of the stuff that on sale at the top of the page. shipping was more than one sheet so I bought two to make it worth while. the defects are nothing since you would probably cut it down any way.

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