[.You could use this to buy Byer style bug netting (talk about thread drift!).[/QUOTE]

yep... sorry<g>. but good information to have.
speaking of bug net, i bought a ray way tarp tent kit shortly before taking the plung into this hammocking thing (late winter 05) that i had been courious about for a while.
i made the tarp, used it & liked it, but i never did make the net tent. i used the silnylon for snake skins,etc. i still have the netting in the zip lock bag it was shipped in. i need to go back to the ray way site & see just what kind of netting that is. i`d like to find out if it`s reg misquito net, noseeum, or the really light weight noseeum yall were talking about.
i have rarely ever wanted netting on the hammock, but a few times it would have probably been good. and sooner or later i`m sure i`ll find myself in a place where i`ll be glad to have it.